11 Jul 2013

Jayne Moore and her super cute smile are back

It’s been a long while sine we’ve had the pleasure to gawk at a brand new Jayne Moore photoshoot.. too long, but don’t worry! Here she is, drop dead sexy in skimpy lingerie for the new collection from Macys.

Widely known fact – she’s my hidden crush, and yours maybe.. who could deny her of that honor while showing off her super sexy side and making us fall for her instantly in the process. I’m quite impressed by this girl’s sweetness; she’s hands down one of the hottest models I’ve seen lately. Virtually unknown, but who cares, right?! She’s uber cute and she looks amazing whenever she poses in lingerie, which is more than enough for anyone.

That awesome smile will make you feel weak at the knees in a matter of seconds and.. I can probably go on and on about how awesome this peach is. But to show you exactly how drop dead gorgeous she is, here’s an awesome collection of photos of the uber cute Jayne Moore showing off her lovely little body. Enjoy!