20 Feb 2013

Jasmine Tookes is new for us, looks adorably hot!

Stop what you’re doing right now and get ready to believe in love at first sight !!! Here’s the newest girl to model for Victoria’s Secret, a young, adorably hot, up and coming supermodel from the US who goes by the name Jasmine Tookes and looks amazing from head to freakin’ toe.

Born in Cali, she did gymnastics for ten years until she became a model, and now, at 21, she took the world by storm with her awesome little body, posing in all sorts of skimpy outfits from VS, ranging from lingerie to sexy swimwear! This is probably the best set of photos to get you guys acquainted with Jasmine’s hotness and also to make you remember her name from now on.

She’s one of the sexiest models we’ve recently discovered and I have a feeling that you’re about to see a lot more photos of this peach in the near future on our site. Enjoy!