28 Aug 2012

Janna Palma is another example of Brazilian hotness

I’ve been holding onto these wonderful lingerie photos for a couple of weeks now, but today seems like the perfect day to share them with you guys since we’ve decided to make this Tuesday a bit more interesting by featuring only Brazilian hotties. Meet Janna Palma, another model from this country who loves to show off her tight little body in lingerie and looks like a supernova of hotness while doing so.

I don’t know too many things about this girl so.. don’t even bother asking me for more details about her. All I know is that a) she’s ridiculously sexy and b) she has a certain gaze in her eyes that reminds me a bit of Adriana Lima. I still like Adriana more, but I have to admit that this girl is pretty close to her on the hotness scale.

I hope she’s going to impress us with photos like these more often because that’s what we all need to remember Janna Palma’s name from now on. Time to drool now!