1 Feb 2012

Janini Milet in skimpy lingerie will make your jaw drop

What’s up mates?? Sorry for kicking off the day so late but we’ve moved to a bigger office this morning and we had a lot of work to do. Hours later we’re finally here with your daily dose of hotness and probably the perfect way to jump start your engines in a casual Wednesday is to… feature another Brazilian supermodel you’ve probably never heard of.

Her name is Janini Milet and, as you’re about to see from any of these photos, she’s a freaking hottie. You’d probably expect that from a Brazilian supermodel right? And you’d also expect to look beyond stunning whenever she’s trying on some lingerie or bikinis and that’s exactly what this girl does.

Here she is showing off her ridiculously sexy curves in sexy lingerie for the Spring 2012 collection from Penneys. I’m a bit sad because there are only 7 photos in this gallery but they’re exactly what you need to get acquainted with Janini Milet’s hotness. I’m pretty sure you’ll see this peach in here again as soon as possible!