3 Aug 2012

Izabel Goulart is so hot that your eyeballs will melt

Alright mates, are you ready for another awesome gush fest !?? I hope you are.. ’cause I’m gonna start even if you’re not.. Here’s the stunningly hot Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart looking .. well, stunningly hot, while posing in a variety of sexy swimsuits from the new Agua Bendita collection.

If these ridiculously sexy photos won’t make you say ‘Oh My God’ then.. I guess nothing will. I’ve always dug this peach, and I’ve always known that she had a totally rocking body and looked amazing in bikinis and in lingerie as well, but these brand spanking photos are even hotter than I’ve expected.

She’s unleashing that Brazilian hotness in so many naughty poses and sexy bikinis that I can’t even decide which of these photos are my favorites. Ok, ok, I’ve picked 5 pics, maybe you’ll like other photos more. Enjoy and.. have a great weekend! Next week we’ll be back at our normal schedule!