3 Sep 2012

Izabel Goulart in sexy bikinis is an automatic drool-fest

A couple of days ago (six to be more exact) we had the privilege of drooling over the uber hot Brazilian supermodel Izabel Goulart looking ridiculously sexy in swimwear for Cia Maritima and.. I’m happy to say that we get to do so yet again today thanks to another batch of photos from Cia Maritima. Woohoo!

Here she’s showing off her killer curves in ten new, awesome photos, posing in a couple of bikinis that will surely make you squirm in your chair. Which is exactly what she should be allowed to wear from now on. Ok ok, Izabel looks amazing in skimpy lingerie as well but she’s just so freaking hot in these photos that I can’t think of this girl in something else than a tiny bikini right now.

I don’t know if these are the last photos from Cia Maritima we’ll see with her, but I sure hope there are more somewhere ready to impress us once again in a couple of weeks. Enjoy!