8 Aug 2013

I’ve missed Justyna Gradek.. although I’ve never met her before

Can anyone tell me what type of flower that is? You know, the white one on the bed.. What, did no one notice it? Well, who could blame you; you were obviously distracted by the shiny white pierce in this super hottie’s cute bellybutton. I must’ve missed that Polish model Justyna Gradek was right there, showing off her perfect body for the new lingerie collection from Alles. Really, no one else noticed the flower?!

Well, I’m on my own, then.. I guess you’re all focusing your attention on this sexy brunette, unleashing those perky bosom, tight mid section and killer legs while giving you that naughty look, the kind that says “I’m cute and sweet, but wait for the sun to go down..”; well, use your imagination what this foxy tease would do in the bedroom.. for now, she’s wearing skimpy lingerie while I’m researching that flower. It’s killing me!

Ah, the hell with it! I guess I’ll join you guys in drooling over the spectacular hot little body of Justyna Gradek. There’s not much you can say while facing such beauty and sex appeal, but.. Yes, ma’am! God, I hope she asks me something worth my while.. Enjoy!