25 Mar 2011

Hot 69: Ivanka Trump

You know what? It’s time for a new article in our special Hot69 feature where we collect the 69 sexiest photos of a certain celebrity hottie and today, you’ve probably guessed it, we’re going to show you the hottest photos of one of the world’s most gorgeous women, the girl who makes Donald Trump famous, Ivanka Trump.

Personally, I don’t think we get to see nearly enough stunning photos of Ivanka Trump, which is surprising considering the fact that she’s Donald Trump’s scorching hot daughter and she appears pretty often on TV. Let’s face it, there are only two reasons why you’d ever watch The Apprentice: a) you like to see other people getting fired and b) Ivanka’s there as well. I know that’s exactly why you’re watching it.

So, I thought it would be a great idea to gawk at this drool inducing gallery that perfectly demonstrates why Ivanka Trump is one of the most amazing women in the world: she has a unique and stunning look, she has a killer body and she just oozes sex appeal any time you see her, she’s really classy and chic and she’s also pretty damn smart.

She’s like the perfect combination between beauty and brains, but unfortunately she’s so far out of the average guy’s league it is almost embarrassing for humankind. She’s also married and she’s going to have a baby soon which means we won’t see her looking like this for long. Or maybe, who knows?

There you go, a mega-gallery with Ivanka Trump looking sizzling hot from head to toe that will surely keep you occupied over the weekend. Enjoy!