5 Apr 2012

Ivana Saccani in lingerie is here to make you drool

Gosh, I have a terrible cold right now and I know I’m going to be sick for a couple of days so.. my weekend is freaking ruined. Pills won’t help me get over it faster but maybe a couple of sexy photos with a blonde hottie from Latin America could make me forget about the bad cough for a while. Let’s see..

Here’s the sultry as hell Ivana Saccani scorching up your monitor in an assortment of hotness amplifying lingerie from the brand new Maia collection. Yeah, drooling over her rollercoaster curves actually makes me feel a bit better, especially her awesome cleavage, long legs and that “come to me” look she’s unleashing.

In case you don’t have a clue who this girl is, all I could tell you is that Ivana Saccani is a smoking hot model from Argentina who really loves to show off her tight little body in lingerie (obviously). So that’s two reasons to love this girl, there are 60 more reasons in the photos below. Enjoy!