17 Nov 2017

Items that should be included in your Emergency Kit!

Just like how the popular saying would go, it is better safe than sorry. Being prepared for anything can really save a person’s life. Whether it is because of a natural disaster or some sort of catastrophic event that resulted in the unbalancing of society, it is important to always be prepared at the comfort of your home. Stashing emergency kits can really help someone survive a disaster or any other event that needs surviving. With that said, here are some of the items that should be included in your emergency kit!

Emergency Kit

First Aid

One can never be too prepared for an injury. By keeping a first aid kit at the house at all times, one can be prepared to help ones self or another person who has suffered some kind of injury during the disaster and confusion. Of course the first aid kit would include bandages, gauze, shots, and other kinds of first aid survival stuff that one would need to survive an unprecedented event.

Flashlight and extra batteries

It can never be emphasized enough, having a flashlight at hand is always the right thing to do. One can never be sure whether the lights will go out and having a battery-powered flashlight will come in handy during night time. It is also crucial to bring extra batteries. or at least stock up on them, because you can’t really tell how long the isolation will last and having enough spare batteries won’t hurt.

Can opener

This may come off as a bit of a surprise because it is a particularly odd material to include in a survival kit. However, this could probably save a lot of lives in dire situations. Canned goods are so easy store which is why they are the perfect food to keep when times are tough. With that said, it is kind of obvious that without a can opener, canned goods would not even be able to be opened. It is an important tool to always have at all times.

Although there are so many more items and tools that a person should have at all times in order to survive mother nature’s wrath or other kinds of events. It is important to take note that having a survival guide kit will definitely help you survive a traumatizing and horrible experience. By having a survival emergency kit, one can probably last longer than those who are not prepared.