9 May 2014

Italian Federica Nargi is one spicy little thing

Federica Nargi is our new thing of the day, here on Brosome. This Italian hottie was born in February 5 1990, in Rome; she’s a model , showgirl and television presenter Italian. And on top of it all, she is engaged to soccer star Alessandro Matri. I hope he doesn’t get jealous, or anything, since we’ll be starting to drool any second now as Federica poses around in some sexy swimwear outfits from Goldenpoint. Mamma mia!

A mere search will reveal some ultra sexy poses and some extraordinary doses from sex-appeal, coming to you from Frederica. No matter what she’s doing, whether she’s at the beach chilling or working on a photo-shoot, this sexy little thing is constantly impressive and drool inducing. And there’s nothing that could get me more excited than a toned, fit and cute babe showing it all in the sun. Well, except maybe if she’d show it all in the bedroom.

Lucky guy, this Alessandro, and I’m sure he could tell us some stories – yet he won’t. Federica Nargi looks like the perfect woman to be married to. She’s sexy, fun, cute and can definitely make all of his friends envious in a heartbeat. There’s nothing more to say, than wish the happy couple all the best and dream about this hot little thing all night long. Until then, feel free to gawk at the gallery below. Enjoy!

Federica Nargi (new on site, Italian model)