22 Oct 2012

Isabeli Fontana’s sexy lady lumps in tiny little bikinis

What’s up maaates? Are you ready for another awesome week !? I’m glad you are.. We’re kicking off this Monday with one of our favorite Brazilian supermodels, the gorgeous Isabeli Fontana, unleashing some seriously sexy poses and sultry curves for the new Morena Rosa Beach campaign which includes a lot of breathtaking bikini photos. Now I have your full attention, right?

This girl is the proud owner of one of the most awesome bodies I’ve ever had the privilege of drooling over and, even though some of you guys and gals will probably say that her face is a bit awkward in some of these pics, I’m totally digging every single inch of this girl. Which is not surprising, considering the fact that she is, you know, a Brazilian supermodel. A really popular Brazilian supermodel.

She’s showing off her ridiculously sexy curves and lovely lady lumps pretty often lately and that’s exactly what we need to make us love Isabeli Fontana even more. That’s it, I’m gonna let the photos do the rest of the talking for me. Time to drool starts in 3,2,1, GO!