28 May 2012

Isabeli Fontana makes me weak at the knees

Gosh, I really don’t know when was the last time I’ve seen a proper, drool inducing, photoshoot with one of the sexiest Brazilian supermodels in the world, the lovely Isabeli Fontana. It’s been probably ages since the last time we’ve featured this peach in here but today we finally have something for you guys and gals.

Here’s Isabeli Fontana doing what she probably does best, i.e. looking like a vision of perfection and showing off her groovy little body in swimwear, while posing for the new Morena Rosa Beach campaign. As you can easily see from any of these photos, Isabeli looks insanely sexy in tiny bikinis and her body is still hands down one of the tightest I’ve ever drooled over.

Just look at her! Even your girlfriend would say “oh yeah” to this girl. I’m freaking glad she’s back in our attention with a new photoshoot and I really hope we won’t have to wait another year for more photos like these. Enjoy!