6 Nov 2012

Isabeli Fontana is perfect from head to toe!

Wow, and I thought Brazilian bombshell Isabeli Fontana couldn’t get any hotter after the hundreds of photos I’ve already seen with her .. boy I was wrong. Here she is yet again unleashing her perfect Brazilian supermodel curves and looking drop dead sexy in a variety of skimpy lingerie from the new Un.i collection.

I’m glad I finally found these photos because I’ve been waiting to post them for weeks. I’ve had a couple of low quality images from this photoshoot but, since I know you guys (and gals) love to zoom and drool over every single inch of these girls, I’ve decided to wait until I’ll find high quality photos. And today is your lucky day, I guess..

Isabeli Fontana wasn’t my favorite Brazilian supermodel but somehow she stepped up her game and is just killing it lately. So  much so, that she could turn any of us into a drooling zombie without even trying. She just needs to show off her perfect little body in lingerie or in a couple of bikinis and we’re gonna melt like ice cream in a hot summer day. Enjoy!