21 Jan 2011

Isabela Soncini is new and absolutely stunning

Isabela Soncini

Celebrity hotties were pretty boring the other day so… instead of posting a bunch of casual candids, we’ve thought it would be a lot better to show you a new smoking hot girl that you’ve probably heard of. Meet Isabela Soncini, an uber sexy hottie who’s apparently from Brazil and loves to show off her curvy body in swimwear and lingerie.

Very little is known about this peach at the moment, we only know that her body is close to perfect measurements and that’s about as much info as we have on her. Still.. who needs info when we have a ton of drool inducing photos with this girl that will probably convince you to remember her name?

Anyways, here’s Brazilian model Isabela Soncini showing off her bodacious curves in quite a lot of swimwear and lingerie photos that you’ll surely love. That’s it… enjoy!