16 Feb 2017

Is Vaping a Better Alternative to Smoking?

E-cigarettes, or popularly known as vapes, have recently become a trend nowadays and it has sparked many debates about whether it is healthy or not. It is generally known as the “better” alternative to smoking. Most people use vapes to quit smoking because of the health risks that nicotine poses. But is it really safe? Will it really be the one to help you quit smoking altogether? Is there a chance that vaping could actually be more harmful than smoking cigarettes? Here are possible reasons that could answer if vapes are really a safe alternative to smoking.



A lot of people actually believe that vaping could help a person quit smoking. But the misconception is what really makes cigarettes addicting. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a chemical substance that is highly addictive. People think that because vape helps one quit smoking, it doesn’t have nicotine. But vapes actually have chemical nicotine in them. Cigarettes and vapes both contain this addictive chemical substance so what was the reason of switching in the first place?

Possible health risks of vaping:

Some of these are pretty much the same with smoking cigarettes because of the nicotine.

Health problems for pregnant women and the child – Just like cigarettes, smoking vape can actually harm the child inside the womb of the mother. Nicotine is a substance that can cause malfunctions of the baby as well as affecting the nutrition as well.

Can cause cancer – Vaping has many chemicals in the variety of flavors that you can choose from at the vape shop. Some of the chemicals are used in materials that can cause lung cancer.

Can cause atherosclerosis – Research has been done on exposure to vape smoke and it has been found out that it can cause atherosclerosis, a disease indicated by a build up of fats in the walls of the arteries.

With all of those health risks, why do people still insist that vaping is the better option compared to smoking cigarette sticks. No matter what society insinuates, smoking is still harmful to your health. But if you are someone who smokes, then it’s up to you. People may tell you that you should quit, but that doesn’t mean you should. You get to decide whether to smoke or not anyways. As long as you are well-educated about smoking either cigarettes or vapes. As long as you know the health risks and you are aware, then you can go about your business.

But to those who are planning on switching and still think that it’s the healthier option, you should do some more research before you make assumptions.