9 Aug 2012

Is this all glass house awesome or not?

Some of you will like it, some of you won’t, but we can all agree that this all glass house designed by Italian architect Carlo Santambrogio looks pretty damn sweet and offers the best views for sure. For those who live in this see through cube, and for those outside haha.

If you’re totally digging this conceptual house, you’d have to give up all hopes of privacy and be ready to shell out over $600k for this 3 bedroom home.

This is not the world’s first house with glass walls, because we’ve already seen a lot of homes like that, but this is actually the first ALL glass house. What’s the difference, you ask? Every aspect of this home is made of glass, from the 7mm glass walls, to the dining table, staircase, and so on.

The home was actually designed to showcase the architect’s latest glass furniture range, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to see houses like this one in the near future. If you’re dreaming of a dream house, you can contact this Italian designer but you should try to find a secluded spot first.

[via Gizmag]