11 Jul 2013

Is it just me, or is Lindsay Ellingson mindblowing?

Anyone having a hard day at the office?! Good! I mean, it’s good for you I have the opportunity to, once again, offer you the chance to enjoy these new drop dead sexy photos of Lindsay Ellingson showing off her perfect little body in skimpy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. Aaaaaaand.. Go!

I totally go bonkers for this cutie, and she insists on driving me crazy quite often, these days.. especially when she’s unleashing her sexy little curves in skimpy lingerie, and as you can see, she’s doing exactly that today. Looking like the definition of “uber sweet”, this angel has a mesmerizing look, which few women have, a tight little body and… she totally oozes sex appeal and cuteness in the same time.

Is she ridiculously sweet or what?! Every time I have the privilege of drooling over a couple of new photos with this blonde hottie she’s making me perspire more than when I hit the gym. She’s so freaking cute that I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and.. that’s probably going to happen to you guys as well. Enjoy!