15 Sep 2010

Iris Stefanelli will definitely invade your daydreams

Iris Stefanelli VIP 1

I know you probably spend a lot of time day dreaming about boobs and today we’re going to show you a girl who’s definitely going to invade your daydreams. You’ve probably never heard of Iris Stefanelli until today and… all you need to know about her is that she’s a Brazilian actress and tv star and well… she’s really hot. That’s all you need to know.

Iris Stefanelli is pretty popular in her country and probably that’s why she was featured a while ago in the Brazilian VIP magazine looking all naughty. I know she’s not as well known as those Brazilian supermodels we’ve all dreamed of but heck, she surely deserves more attention from us.

So… there you go, a new Brazilian hottie you’ve never heard of, showing off almost every inch of her perfectly shaped body to please us all. Enjoy!