26 Oct 2009

Irina Shayk will melt all snow on earth!

Irina Shayk lingerie 1

When I think of winter the first thing that comes to mind is freaking cold weather and a lot of snow. I kinda hate it, especially when I need to scrape ice off my car at 8 am in the morning so I can get to office in time. I would love to live in a warm area where’s no winter but maybe I’ll move down south one day.

For some people though, winter is really hot and its pretty great to spend your time in wonderful lingerie. That’s how Irina Shayk made an incredible photoshoot for Intimissimmi Winter 2010 Collection, posing in a variety of sexy lingerie items that would warm your heart even when it’s freezing out there. Any winter day would end perfectly if you would arrive home, find a warm room and Irina Shayk waiting for you near the fireplace wearing nothing but sweet lingerie. This girl is absolutely stunning!