11 Jan 2013

Irina Shayk in sexy swimwear will blow. Your. Mind!

Alright my friends, prepare to enter a state of uber bliss. Here’s the hottest WAG in the world right now (right now being exactly since she started dating Cristiano Ronaldo), Russian sensation Irina Shayk, raising the Earth’s temperature in this brand spanking new swimwear photoshoot for the new collection from Agua Bendita.

Now I’ve seen Irina look drop dead sexy dozens of times, especially in swimwear for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issues, but holy cats, this photoshoot is one of her best. The sex appeal she’s unleashing from these photos is almost palpable and probably that’s why I have so many fingerprints on my monitor haha.

She looks so damn sexy that I wasted an entire hour gawking and drooling at these photos when I should have been… Actually, I had nothing better to do, but this is exactly what I call time well spent. Enjoy and once again, Cristiano, you’re a lucky bastard!