23 Nov 2009

Ingrid Ullrich in all of her bodaciously curvy glory

Ingrid Ullrich 1

Here at Men Tag we’re all huge fans of Model Mayhem and we probably visit that site more often than its owners do. We jump from profile to profile and gawk at incredible models who definitely deserve more attention and once in a while we find a stunning girl that must be posted here too. That site is the perfect cure for boredom but beware, it might be addictive and you might fall in love with some of those babes.

Today our eyes are focused on Ingrid Ullrich, a 22 year old gorgeous model from Pennsylvania with a couple of amazing pictures where she’s showing off her groovy curves. This girl has a tight body and she looks gorgeous as hell in every photo. If you add the fact that she can also sing, act and dance really well, you almost have the perfect package. Gosh, if she can also cook, I’d marry this chick. Too bad I don’t live in the US.

There’s something special about her eyes that makes her even more attractive, I’m not quite sure what, but she looks hotter than a supernova. Hoochie mama! Ingrid is going to be away for 6 months starting February 2010 dancing for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and I really envy those lucky bastards who get to see her then dancing. I want that too!

Here‘s her MM profile if you want to find out more about her.