15 Jan 2014

In the mood for sexy and chocolate flavored Gracie Carvalho

I think I’ve probably gushed over hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of this Brazilian bombshell already and believe it or not, I’m still saying “sweet Christmas” every time I discover a new photoshoot with her. She looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing but when you get to see her in skimpy little outfits, then my friends, you’re in a for a treat. Who knew it was time for yet another onslaught of uber sexiness courtesy of Victoria’s Secret? And who better to turn us into zombies with her sexy little curves, than the adorably hot Gracie Carvalho, posing in lingerie?! Sweet dreams..

If you needed more proof that Gracie Carvalho is one of most beautiful models around, you’ll have to visit the rest of our galleries with her and take a sip from Brosome hotness; if nothing else, you’ll get yourself a hobby. There’s no point in measuring my temperature after seeing this Brazilian super hottie in skimpy bikinis – I’m hot! But so is she, burning everything to the ground.. I’m pretty sure you’ll dream of this Brazilian super hottie wearing this skimpy lingerie tonight.

I love chocolate! That’s probably an extra reason for me to love the adorably sexy Gracie. This sweetie is so hot, there’s no outfit in the world that wouldn’t melt once it touches her slender body. Keep dreamin’, right?! To have one of the world’s hottest girls, the uber sweet Brazilian supermodel Gracie Carvalho, prancing around in lingerie is a treat. Enjoy it!