30 Sep 2013

In need of Natasha Barnard and her sensual curves

I’m feelin’ a bit down, as I’m watching the cloudy, dark skies through my window and feel the cold rain and wind breeze cutting through my clothes. The South African beautiful, steamy and curvacious Natasha Barnard is the perfect choice to nurse me back to happiness.

Yup, it’s that time of the week again, when this uber hot babe takes us by surprise and turns us all into jelly with some skin revealing shots for Leonisa’s lingerie collection. This hoochie mama refuses to let us forget her steamy, perfect little body. She’s got me (and any of you guys) mesmerized just like always. After this small little post you will probably remember every inch of that slender, perfect little body ’cause God damn.. I can’t help but gawk endlessly at her perfect curves..

Is this sweet peach totally dreamy or what?! Every time I stare at this uber hot babe, I can’t believe my eyes and think she couldn’t get any hotter.. And yet, she surprises me once again. We thank you, Natasha Barnard, for posing in some new Leonisa lingerie. Who could be upset about that? Enjoy!