2 Oct 2013

I’m in love with sexy blonde goddess Tetyana Veryovkina

I don’t know what time it is at your house/office or whatever, but once you get a glimpse of this blonde supernova hottie, I bet my life you’ll leave everything aside and drool endlessly for hours while your brain tries to comprehend the resources wasted and cope with this fox’s body-lines in an effort to maintain main bodily functions. It’s not the first time Tetyana Veryovkina turns us to jelly, but daaaaaaaamn.. We’ve missed her!

This ultra perfect Ukrainean model is smokin’ hot while heating up the desert in some mind blowing Kinga lingerie outfits. She’s a blonde stunner with the right curves in all the right places and it’s safe to say that this much sex appeal definitely won’t go unnoticed. Damn, I wish I were that camel right now.. she can ride me any day!

Sure, Tetyana Veryovkina may have an odd name and we may not know anything about her; I think she thinks the same about us. But no matter, the only thing we’ll be screaming later is: yes! yes! more! more! I’m not actually keen on finding out more about this gal; the essential is clear: blonde goddess in need of my attention! Well, now she’s got it, and she’ll get more.. much more than that if she’ll let me know how to get in touch! You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!