23 Aug 2010

Iga Wyrwal is just what the doctor ordered

Iga Wyrwal lingerie 1

I know you’re not in the mood for anything after probably a great weekend and the best way to get you going this Monday should be gawking to a bunch of pictures with a hottie in lingerie. That sounds right. Now here’s Iga, Eva or Eve Wyrwal, a Polish model you’ve probably never heard of looking jaw dropping in black lace lingerie!

This is only the first time I’ve seen this peach but after drooling over these pics she convinced me to google her name, drool over some other pics with her and definitely keep an eye on her in the future. She has a perfectly shaped body that’s nothing short of spectacular and a face that will make you leave your girlfriend and plan a trip to Poland instantly!

If these pics won’t convince you to remember her name then I really don’t know what will. No need to add more, time to feast your eyes on this Polish hotness.