14 Oct 2013

If it’s a hot Russian minx you need, Natalia Belova is here to serve!

Now, you tell me: wouldn’t you love this breathtaking Russian supermodel, Natalia Belova – if you haven’t learned her name by now – to lay around, almost naked, dressed up in sexy little outfits from Elixir de Lingerie waiting for you to come in and.. well, use your imagination. Oh yeah, another appearance from this sweetie, dropping our jaws in sexy lingerie is always welcomed !!!

I was so impressed by this girl’s perfect little body and all around sexiness that I almost fainted the second I clicked her latest photo-shoot. She has more curves than a formula 1 circuit and, when you get to see her in hotness amplifying lingerie, then my friends, you should get ready for a total gush fest.

This naughty, naughty girl is definitely ready to rock your world with her amazing physique. She’s leaning more towards the hot side than the adorable side in her photo-shoots; still, that cute smile makes you melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. Here’s Natalia Belova doing a bang up job of showing off her perfect little body. Hot Russian minx alert! Enjoy!