30 Apr 2014

I’d be perfect for sweetie Chelina Manuhutu

It’s been a long time since we get to enjoy this beautiful face and her sexy body. The gorgeous Dutch model Chelina Manuhutu is finally back, showing off that sultry body in some nice swimwear outfits from Marc & Andre, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. There’s nothing Dutch about her, to be honest, but who doesn’t appreciate a slender, hot DJ?

Enough small talk, and lets stick to the essential facts. Classy? Check. Smokin’ hot? Double check! Naughty look? Yes, please! And nothing can compliment those attributes than a war, sandy beach, somewhere far away from civilization and as close to this hottie as humanly – and physically possible. Incest is not something I could agree upon, but I would surely like to recreate the script from Blue Lagoon with this particular hot little minx!

But I’m not picky! I would be up for anything and any script with sweetie Chelina Manuhutu, all she has to do is wink and I’m there! With that perfectly shaped sexy body, those deep eyes, that beautiful smile and sassy lips she is perfectly capable to transform me into a human pet. I’m house trained, I clean up after myself – sometimes and I’m not underage. Hey, someone tell her I’m perfect for the job, please! Meanwhile, enjoy her photo-shoot.