17 Feb 2017

Ice Skating Gear That You Will Need as a Beginner!

Ice skating is one of those sports that are so underappreciated. The elegance of the skaters to the intricate and incredibly difficult stunts, jumps and spins, it is a sport that a lot of people should start to appreciate. If you live at a place where it snows, then you are lucky because you probably have an ice skating rink near. But to those who do not then maybe you have a rink at the mall. Take advantage of what you have and give it a try. It’s a lot difficult than most people think. But before you give it a go, you need to be prepared. Here are a few ice skating gear that you will need as a beginner!

Ice Skating boots

Contrary to popular belief, the boots themselves are separate from the blades that you see at the sole of your shoes. You really need to get the right kind of boots so that you will not experience injury. Find the right size for you and make sure that it will support your ankle and your feet because one wrong turn and you will end up spraining your foot. Although there are boots at stores that have blades one them already, you are going to need to get ones that are attachable when you move on from being a beginner.

Proper Ice Skating Attire

Ice Skating is pretty much explanatory hence “Ice” in the name. So it is going to be pretty chilly wherever you may be skating. You need to wear proper clothing, something warm and comfortable so that you won’t bee too focused on shivering instead of keeping your balance. But you should not just pick anything comfortable, pick something that is made up of flexible material as you will stretch your limbs a lot. If you are too embarrassed to wear leotards, then tights or pants that are stretchy will do.

Blades or Skates

These are the blades that were mentioned earlier. Although they might look intimidating at first, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to skate in no time. One thing about the blades is that you need to take care of them regularly. You will have to sharpen the blades once in a while especially when you are not using them so that when you do use them again, you won’t have any issues when you skate on the ice.