3 Dec 2012

i.am+ foto.sosho camera accessories for the iPhone 4/4S

In case you haven’t changed your iPhone 4/4s with the new iPhone 5, Will.i.am, (yes, the singer), has recently unveiled the i.am+ foto.sosho, an awesome digital camera accessory that will turn your iPhone into a point and shoot digital camera with on-board editing, filters and social media connectivity.

This accessory fits exactly over the phone and will be available in two versions: classic white and a gold C.4 version which sports a vintage look and three interchangeable lenses (standard, wide macro and fisheye) plus a flash module. There’s also a V.4 version which comes with the same features but it has a modern look and a slide-out keyboard.

These accessories work with a free app for easy social media sharing, photo sharing and streaming. There’s also a v.4 model in the works, for the iPhone 5, that will feature its own 14 megapixel sensor and 5x zoom lens, but that will be released only next year. A pretty nice surprise from Will.i.am.