19 Nov 2012

I absolutely loooove Chrissy Teigen in sexy bikinis

Holy freakin’ Batman.. Here’s arguably one of the most gorgeous supermodels on the face of the planet right now, the adorably hot Chrissy Teigen, showing off her ridiculously sexy bosom, killer booty, and bodacious curves, in a drool inducing set of bikini-busting photos from the 2013 Beach Bunny Collection.

Gosh, after gawking like a damn fool at these photos for about half an hour, all I can say is.. sweet Christmas! This has to be, hands down, the sexiest batch of photos I’ve ever seen with Chrissy, apart from her photos from Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issues and those awesome pics from Me In My Place that are still stuck in my head.

I can gush over every single inch and curve of this girl’s ridiculously sexy body but since you’re not even reading this right now, I’ll just stop here and let the photos do the rest of the talking for me. And.. they’re saying such sexy, mesmerizing, and naughty things.. Enjoy!