22 Jul 2013

Hyundai built the ultimate Zombie Survival Machine

Hyundai introduced their zombie apocalypse vehicle at last year’s Comic Con, and it was impressive; so impressive that no one thought there was any way possible they could outdo themselves. But everyone was dead wrong. At the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Hyundai teamed up with Robert Kirkman – creator and writer of The Walking Dead – in an effort to blow our minds; they created and unveiled the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine. Isn’t it dr3eamy?!

Well, dreamy is a bit of a pink overstatement, but still.. this car is totally bad a$$! The type of car you get to enjoy while playing some RPG game or thrashing your neighbor for taking you down at Dodge Ball, the other day; the type of car you never imagine would see sun light in front of your house.. and, God willing, you’ll never have to!

The team based its vehicle on a stock Veloster – Hyundai got some help from the team at Galpin Auto Sports – and ended up building a vehicle that is truly ready for the end of the world, equipped with everything that was ever imagined by a decent Hollywood scrip writer – a roof mounted machine gun, a bumper with dual chainsaws for mowing down the undead, plenty of armor throughout the vehicle, thick metal plating and window bars to keep the walkers out.

It’s quite obvious you won’t see this vehicle passing any of the NCAP tests or requirements any time soon, which is why Hyundai will probably not let it g odown it’s assembly line; however, that doesn’t make the car any less awesome and I expect it to be available soon at a car tuning workshop. Keep your fingers crossed! Oh, and let’s not forget.. Zombies, beware!