4 Dec 2013

Hunting down the sensual Amber Arbucci

Wildlife photographer, artist, avid adventurist & fashion model. This is how the gorgeous US model Amber Ambucci describes herself on her official Facebook page. She also states she enjoys backpacking or traveling to new places all over the world, exploring new cultural vibes. All we can say is that.. we love her sexy pics and poses for the PilyQ swimwear collection and welcome her on our uber hottie list, since it’s her first time making us drool. Looking extremely dangerous.. and acting the same way!

I’m glad to share some info about this foxy babe; I’ve managed to locate her official web page and Facebook fan page, although I hate to admit I’ve spent a lot of time drooling at her outrageous swimwear pics and you can bet your a$$ I’m gonna return daily to see the updates. I have to say that this beauty is really impressive and obviously she looks awesome no matter what she’d wear.

But I also admire Amber Ambucci for her lifestyle and for living life to the very moment, and doing everything she ever dreamed of. Sadly, looking down at the photo-gallery, our dreams are quite different than hers, but not unpleasant, I must say! Looking forward to the return of this one, and trust me when I say: I’m gonna hunt down sensual Amber even if it takes me a lifetime. Enjoy!