14 Dec 2016

Jiggly Hump Day Butts to Get You Through Wednesday

Monday is a drag but Wednesday is definitely the most dragging day of the week. You find yourself in the middle, where the weekends eems so close yet far and you still have a lot on your plate.
Well, hump day shouldn’t always be horrible. There are more than enough ways to make things easier for you and for you to forget about the stress even just for a little while.
Here at BroSome, we’ve cooked up a little something we call hump day butts. Yes, it’s not too good to be true. We did all the dirty work and lined up the sexiest tush in the land right now. So if you want to sweat it out in a different, more exciting way, then go ahead and enjoy the next five minutes of your life.

[VIA thechive.com]