22 Jan 2012

Huge game for Danilo Gallinari lets Nuggets defeat Knicks

There aren’t many games as exciting as this one, which saw the Denver Nuggets edge out the New York Knicks 119-114 in a suspenseful double overtime win. Danilo Gallinari of the Nuggets got to play against his former team, the Knicks, for the first time this Saturday, and did he ever play. Gallinari scored the most points of his life, 37, and also grabbed 11 rebounds to boot.

His former team was probably wondering just what they did to this guy to make him so damn angry at them that he would go ahead and get a career record high game against them. This loss puts the Knicks on a six game losing streak The Knicks just can’t seem to catch a break, coming so close to winning only to have victory slip out of their hands by the amazing play of Gallinari.

Don’t get me wrong- there were plenty of other great games by players on both teams, but Gallinari really stood out. Double O.T. is a game of outlasting your opponents and capitalizing on minute mistakes. Injuries and tiredness are magnified in long games, and they separate the men from the boys.

Well boys, what do you think- are the Knicks kicking themselves for not keeping a tighter hold on Gallinari after such a dominant performance?