23 Nov 2010

How big is yours? It’s THIS big!

How Big 1

I always considered this type of pictures pretty damn funny and I’ve thought about gathering a gallery like this one for quite some time but… it seems pics like these are harder to find than a four-leaf clover. Just think about it… you google “How big is yours” or “how big?” or “this big” and quite a lot of results come up, most of them being either pics with weiners or weird discussions on forums about the average size of dicks.

That is just wrong and the internet is pretty much wrong when you think what I wanted to find and what I found. Anyway, after a lot of struggling I finally found a couple of images here and there and I managed to gather a small gallery with funny how big images.

I don’t have a clue what these guys are talking about… but the signs they’re making are pretty funny for all of us.

How Big 2

How Big 3

How Big 4

How Big 5

How Big 6

How Big 7

How Big 8

How Big 9

How Big 10

How Big 11

How Big 12

How Big 13

How Big 14

How Big 15

How Big 16

[via AcidCow]