9 Jan 2012

Houston crushes Cincinnati in a wild card showdown

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The score was 31-10 as the Houston Texans gained their first playoff victory over the Cincinnati Bengals this wild card weekend. They rallied against early Bengals momentum, capitalizing on their costly mistakes.

Houston’s overpowering offense and second best rated defense helped them crush the lifeless Bengals, who suffered from poor pass completion as well as forced turnovers against Houston’s Andre Johnson and rookies JJ Watt and TJ Yates who all contributed to Texas’ crushing defeat of Cincinnati.

The Bengals were in the playoffs this year for the third time in seven seasons, and the struggling team has yet to find its niche and pass the first round of play.

Rookie quarterback Andy Dalton’s 3 interceptions, 4 sacks and 4 turnovers cost Cincinnatti their momentum, and Houston easily controlled the second half, letting time tick down to an easy victory. In the last quarter, it felt like the Bengals never even touched the ball without screwing up. Bengals fans cried themselves to sleep after the disappointing game which crushed their playoff hopes- better luck next year, fellas. Highlights here.

Houston will play Baltimore ( 12-4 ) next Sunday in the second round of the NFL playoffs.

[Image: Nick de la Torre / Houston Chronicle]