23 Jan 2015

AM Hottie:Lingerie Queen Jacqueline Oloniceva

It may just be the first time you stumbled upon Jacqueline Oloniceva but let us tell you that she will be your next favorite lingerie model after this post.

The 29-year old Latvian model is one heck of a bombshell. She’s got the perfect body that can fit practically any kind of lingerie, whether it’s lacy, silky or cotton. We honestly don’t care because once she’s in front of the camera, we lose all our minds and her looks just turn our brains into one big mush. I mean, just one glance at her and you know, Jacqueline Oloniceva is about to stir your senses in every way possible.

Whenever this blue-eyed beauty is on our screen, we drop everything because we know our priorities, which means you should too. Now go and clear your schedule right now because these hot photos of her will definitely demand more of your time.

[Via xaxor.com/outofaces.com]