29 Aug 2017

AM Hottie: Valeria Efanova, The Russian Daughter Of The Night

Oh hello lads, before I went in here at the office to write this article up for you this morning I had the loveliest dream about our featured AM hottie for today. I was in a pub drinking a tall mug of frothy beer (in my dream of course) by myself while smoking a bowl full of my personal blend of my favorite tobacco (containing an ample amount of Latakia, a pinch of Virginia, Orientals, Cavendish, Cannabis, and rum) contemplating on the poetics of my ordinary life as well as its personal enchantment. When suddenly my smoke filled meditation was interrupted by Valeria Yapanova’s dreamy sets of emeralds for eyes.

I was so entranced by her charming presence that she managed to pull me up from where I was sitting. And when she was about to whisper something naughty in my ears…my alarm started ringing and woke me up. Too bad. Well her hottest picture in the gallery below will surely make up for it.

(via bellazon.com/fanpix.famousfix.com)