23 Aug 2017

PM Hottie: Tanya Mityushina, Golden Haired Russian Hottie

I can’t get enough of Russian hotties. I know I have mentioned before that Spanish hotties are my new favorites, but Russian hotties will always have a place in my heart and most importantly in my hotties hall of fame. Who can blame me, they this smoking hot beauties from the frozen north are quite irresitable. From their liberal yet soulful way of doing stuff, to their quite impressive exterior, and up to their deliciously exotic accent. You never say no to a beautiful and exquisite apparition of divinity like these Russian hotties.

To be perfectly honest, the type of Russian hotties that I love are the red heads or the so called gingers, however our featured PM hottie for today is probably one of the few golden haired Russian hotties that I love.

[VIA radass.com/hotsexygirlspics.com]