15 Aug 2017

AM Hottie: Talita Correa, The Pretty Menina From Brazil!

Oh Brazil, when will I ever be able to migrate to your country full of hotties? Seriously?! This country is just bustling of hotties constantly being discovered. Is it the beaches of Rio? Probably. We’ll never know for sure. We can simply be thankful that such a country exists.

Having said, you can probably guess by now where the hottie we’re going to feature as our AM Hottie of the day will come from. Yes, that’s right, it’s sunny Brazil. I am talking about Talita Correa, easily one of the prettiest international models I’ve seen so far. She actually reminds me a bit of Penelope Cruz. Just a bit. She’s got these shots where you can feel the vibe, and then she smiles and puts on another look and it’s an entirely different thing! It’s crazy how she can change from one look to another!

[VIA craveonline.com/coed.com]