28 Oct 2014

AM Hottie: Smart & Sexy Asha Leo

In the land of the most delicious pies and pints, we found ourselves one ravishing gem every man in America needs to know of — British TV personality, model and all around hot babe, Asha Leo.

Sure the stars are always are the highlight of any red carpet event but once Asha is on the scene, ready to interview, she instantly becomes a star among the others. The 35-year old’s got more than her looks to thank for. She also holds a degree in Journalism, which makes her an electrifying combo of sexy and smart.

At a tender age of 13, she was first discovered as a model. It wasn’t long until she became famous and modeled for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Alejandro Gonzalez.

Now that she’s a lot more established, Asha Leo can do just about anything! For now, let’s enjoy her sexiness and spend the next five minutes in heaven with her.