13 Jan 2018

AM Hottie: Lip-Biting Lina Jornea

It’s not too often you hear about Israeli models dominating the industry but we’re predicting we’ll hear more of them, thanks to bombshell Lina Jornea.

The blue-eyed beauty is fit for any Guess ad and by the looks of it, she’s going to make it big. Her light brown hair flows perfectly and her mesmerizing face is enough to cast a spell on anybody.

Whether she’s drenched wet and wearing figure-hugging spandex or getting some sun by the beach clad in the smallest bikni, we’re all for Lina Jornea. After all, she’s one smashing babe who deserves the spotlight.

Check her out, as she is officially our AM Hottie.

(via ranker.com/listal.com)