12 Aug 2017

AM Hottie: Lauren Budd – The Hottest Girl You Probably Haven’t Met Yet!

One of the main perks of being a writer here at Brosome is having researchers. I am just a man with just one set of eyes. They can’t handle finding all the hotties in the world alone. Well, even with our researchers, we still probably haven’t covered that much. Only the famous ones. But it’s a start!

And every once in a while, I love it when we discover a hottie who’s simply under the radar. You know, really hot, she’s already working and being featured in magazines, but still not that famous. Much like the hottie whom we are going to feature today – Lauren Budd. A crazy beautiful and sexy British nicknamed “Violet Budd”. Crazy theory: maybe she’s a spy after all that’s why she has an alias and always laying low!


[VIA celebwallpaper.org/zimbio.com]