22 Aug 2017

AM Hottie: Katsia Zingarevich, Made Lingerie And Sunglasses A Thing

Now let us get one thing straight, I don’t quite agree with what other online sources saying Katsia Zingarevich’s sunglasses plus lingerie tandem might create a confusion with regards to the reason why women wear the sexy underwear.

In fact I strongly support what our today’s featured AM hottie did in her shoot for Stella McCartney’s lingeries. Her wearing of sunglasses and sexy underwear shows not only an obviously sexually provoking image of lingeries but also shows creative, almost artistic angle on wearing sexy underwear.

Sunglasses and lingerie, is going to be a thing just like the “Lemon Law” and the “Bro Code” of our favorite bro Barney Stinson.

[VIA bustedcoverage.com/craveonline.com]