15 Feb 2016

AM Hottie: Confident & Sexy Katherine Webb

First look and all we can really say is this woman is a true stunning beauty. And Katherine Webb really is a legitimate one, seeing as she was a beauty queen (Miss Alabama USA 2012, to be exact). If that doesn’t cement the fact that she’s a beauty, I don’t know what will. And aside from that, she also happens to be a TV personality and model, appearing many a times in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

What really got her media famous was this viral video of hers at the 2013 BCS National Championship Game, where the camera just couldn’t leave her alone for too long, as some people were too enamored by her. She was there in support of her dear AJ McCarron, who she is now expecting a first child with.

With a hot body like hers, her husband is truly one blessed man. Gorgeous eyes, amazing hair, great presence, and a strong and confident woman is what she is. And AJ McCarron is lucky to wake up to that all the time.

[VIA coed.com/brobible.com]