22 Aug 2016

AM Hottie: Jessica Marie, As Hot As Summer In Florida

Do you know how hot summer in Florida can get? Well, if you’re not from the state, then you can take a look into this hottie’s bod instead. Jessica Marie is a Playboy model from Florida and you might have seen her before in different media. This sizzling hot lady has this sun burnt brunette beauty that different producers across all platforms – print, music videos, films, and many more- have come to acknowledge.

Right now, we can’t just help but wonder which music video will she show up next, and if we do see her in EVERY single music video (especially hiphop where she’s a crowd favorite) then that’s okay by me. I will never get tired of seeing her. If you feel the same, then you may take a look at her sexy gallery below.

[VIA babesandgirls.com/listal.com]