10 Dec 2017

PM Hottie: Ine Neefs is Better than Belgian Beer

If models tickle your fancy, then you’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t heard of Ine Neefs, then I pity you because you’ve been missing out on a lot.

The 22-year old Belgian model first graced the industry when she was only 16 but she wasn’t ready then. We thanked all the gods ‘cause she finally resurfaced to grab the fashion industry by the balls. Since then, she’s been opening and closing shows for the likes of McQueen, Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga.

Right off the bat, it’s her baby face and her slender figure that got us clamoring for her next photo shoot. Maybe once you see these grand slam photos of Ine Neefs, you’ll find yourself drooling over this Belgian babe more than you’ve drooled for a pint of Belgian beer in your life.

(via modelsrating.com/fashionmodeldirectory.com)