7 Dec 2017

PM Hottie: Impeccable Sam Rollinson

Move over Cara, there’s a new English girl in town who’s about to be everyone’s favorite — Sam Rollinson. Not only does she have the best bone structure in the land. She also has the perfect hair and no one gets to argue about that.

Discovered when she was only 13, Sam has since dominated the fashion industry with her androgynous looks and stunning body. The Doncaster-born oozes sex appeal and personality unlike any other model we’ve seen recently. Perhaps that’s why she’s been giving every other big time model a run for her money. She’s a dime in a dozen and a definite showstopper wherever she is.

Having modeled for just about very prestigious brand in the biz, Sam Rollinson is right now, the face of everything and that’s saying a lot. It would be a massive shame if it’s only now that you’re hearing about her.

All is not too late. Go right ahead and enjoy these impeccable photos of the new IT girl. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

[Via celebwallpaper.org/listal.com]