20 Mar 2017

AM Hottie: Hailey Clauson, The Golden Haired Wonder

Seriously mates, this featured for this morning truly brightens my day. Well for starters, she is hot. Secondly, she is truly hot! And most importantly she is so hot and so good at being hot that she manages to turn a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction showing her plump and round tatas and make it a rather tempting tease.

I mean who could have possibly do that in a matter of seconds right? She is definitely good and I would not mind getting down and sexy with her anytime. After learning about that wardrobe malfunction scene during her shoot I immediately searched for it in the web and to my surprise, she splendidly done it it with ease and my zipper started to ease! Oh yeah she is smoking! And here are some of her hottest pictures in the gallery below.

[VIA coed.com/superiorpics.com]